A Fun Filled Weekend of Nostalgia, Sci-Fi, Horror and Comedy

Friday, October 28th, 2016  - 5pm-9pm

Saturday, October 29th, 2016  - 10am-6pm

Sunday, October 30th, 2016  - 11am-5pm



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OCTOBER 28 - 29 - 30,  2016

Is a proud sponsor of the GhoulardiFest and has been serving the physically challenged in greater Cleveland and the surrounding area since 1975. Company president W.R. "Red" Matthei entered into the industry with  the mission of providing quality service to his customers with respect to their needs.
That goal will continue into the future with the same commitment from his son Brian.

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Lost Movie  - Found!

"Too Late To Pray" starring Ernie Anderson, made in 1967, was put in storage  by the DIRECTOR and long time

friend of Ernie's Ralph Mayher and wife Gypsie, it was put together after 50 years and have offered us the opportunity for the first time ever to show it at this years Fest. The movie was referenced in "GHOULARDI

Inside Cleveland TV's Wildest Ride" written by Tom Feran and Rich Heldenfels. Look for it on page 137 in the book. Watch for times the movie will be shown at GhoulardiFest, schedule will be posted on the web site.

DVD's of the movie will also be available for purchase.

While Ernie Anderson was entertaining as Ghoulardi, Ralph Mayher was a crack cameraman for NBC Television News stationed in Cleveland. The 2 struck up a friendship and Ernie confided that he would one day like to star in a movie. That  friendship was united a few years later when they were both working in

Los Angeles and Ernie again yearned to "make a movie".

By then, Ralph and his wife Gypsie had formed a Documentary Film Company and from that reunion Ernie's

wish was born.

In the 60's the Hippie movement was in full swing and San  Francisco  was it's heart. So that was their location.

The story centered on the degradation of society and the efforts of one man to encourage salvation. Ernie played the role of that man, the sole survivor of the only successful escape from Alcatraz. He had climbed out of the bay and disappeared into  the confusion that was the "Hippie" life, had plastic surgery so that he could not be identified, found God, and moved among  the young crowds of Haight-Ashbury trying to convert those

who would listen. In the end....well, you will see.

When filming was completed, Ernie went back to his voice-over career &  eventually became "the voice" of ABC television. The Mayhers went back to work producing other film commitments while Ralph Mayher continued as ABC Network News Chief Cameraman filming most of ABC's Documentaries and stored the raw "TLTP"  footage in a Hollywood film vault until they could find the time to edit  it into a final product.

Alas, that footage disappeared when the vault moved to new quarters and for years seemed lost and gone forever.

Fortunately, 3 Years ago the footage was discovered in a dark back vault and Mayhers went to work editing

it into what you will see here. No one has seen this film, other than those who worked on it. This Film was referred to in  Tom Ferran and Rich Heldenfels fine book "GHOULARDI Inside Cleveland TV's Wildest Ride"

and now the Mayhers have made it available for it's exclusive premier showing at this Ghoulardi celebration with the condition that filming of it by the public not be  permitted.

For those hard core fans who will remember Ernie and his comedic antics, this film will show an entirely different side of the man and for them a DVD of this film will be made available. We hope you will enjoy it as much as Ernie making it.

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