Take a ride on the Euclid Beech Rocket Car, Used in the Big Chuck and Lil' John Skit. Saturday from 11:00 to noon Only (weather permitting)

Rocket Car courtesy of Don O'Malley and The Serial Bowl Show

CONTESTS will be Judged by


PIZZA FIGHTS, Saturday and Sunday

Halloween Costume Contest

Stop by the WBNX-TV Booth for a chance to win great prizes. 

They will be promoting their digital networks with a big feature on their

Heroes & Icons Network (WBNX 55.4)  also displaying  a large banner of their

All Star Trek Block!  So Stop by Their TV Photo Booth

and  play the Disc Drop Game!

KARAOKE CONTEST, by Cass Quinones



More  To  Come!

Time and day of entertainments

will be posted on Schedule Page at later date


A  Tribute Tim Conway  Booth

READINGS by ROBERT,   Hoolihan and Big Chuck

Watch WBNX-TV To WIN Tickets to:

The Big Chuck and Lil' John GHOULARDIFEST!!

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